Oh no! What about the internet?

I like going on a vacation. To go for a long drive, even short, is what I love to do (I don’t have to look at the messy kitchen and a mountain of dirty clothes). The drive to the Oregon Coast is my favorite and that’s where we are going for spring break. I am happy about this trip and to stay in a rustic cabin. But I just remembered…what about the internet? Think about four days without an internet connection! I suppose it has its downside. Without the temptation of checking my email, I can focus on writing. But…but…I’m going to miss the smiley face on my taskbar! And how can I read the authors posts and new happenings? Hotspots! Yes, I might be able to find one. I hope. Happy Spring everyone!

What questions to ask before submitting a manuscript.

  I’m ready to submit! Hmm…Wait, maybe…

You followed the publisher’s submission guidelines and checked the formatting rules; you polished your story and felt you’re ready to submit it to your targeted publications. Now, before you hit that send button, do you ask yourself at all whether your story was good enough or you simply hit send hoping it won’t get rejected? Are there standard questions writers should ask before submitting a finished manuscript?For my first novella, To Trust a Wicked Man, I remember asking myself if my story is good enough, if it’s believable, and whether the readers and publishers would like the idea. When I answered yes to all, I closed one eye and hit send. J And then I started biting my nails.

Memories–lots and lots of them

Building Memories

My husband and I made an effort of cleaning our basement today. It wasn’t easy.Some people might consider what we have been keeping down in our basement as junk. Not to us. Everything, broken or not, are precious items; my daughter’s first pair of sandals, toys, binkie (pacifier), etc.Choosing which toy goes to the donation box was hard. I couldn’t part with the tiny shoes and mittens, hats and rattles. And the books… When I saw the book, Guess how much I love you, I cried. My husband and I took turns reading the book to our girls when they were little. So, I decided to put it back in the memories cardboard box and then moved on to the next book. When I finished checking the books, I end up parting with one that I remembered buying at the garage sale.Anyway, by the time our stomachs started grumbling, we end up with two tiny boxes with naked Barbie dolls and sets of puzzles I put in Ziploc bags. Well, I can throw Barbie. Her accessories broke my vacuum cleaner before. I tell you, it’s wiser to bend and pick up plastic boots and sunglasses rather than sucking them with a vacuum cleaner. We dumped the boxes in the garbage bin and went upstairs to have a cup of coffee.Maybe next year I’ll be able to discard some of the baby clothes and toys. I don’t know if adding another year lessens the memory or makes it even stronger. What do you think?

Amazing Feeling!

Debut Novella

 I saw my debut novella, To Trust a Wicked Man, posted today as one of the titles coming soon from Cobblestone Press. It’s really neat seeing your work being announced like that. The feeling’s really amazing.

Thid edit–Finished!


Whew! I finally finished my third edit. It was overwhelming, but CP author, Nancy, made the whole experience pleasant and exciting. Maybe I won’t be nervous when I meet my next editor. Ehem, I hope.

First Cover

My First Book Cover!

While searching the internet hoping to find a neat present to give my husband for our fourteenth Valentine’s Day, an email message popped at the bottom of my screen. The mail came from Cris, an artist from Cobblestone Press. She sent me a sample copy of my first book cover. I was floored. The cover was simply beautiful.

Tierney’s blogging


On Christmas Eve of 2007, I rocked the house with my ear-
shattering screams. Yeah, I sold my story. Cobblestone Press offered me a
contract to publish my first novella, To Trust a Wicked Man. Now I’m working
with my first editor, a wonderful lady, Nancy. I’m not screaming anymore, but
the giddiness is still in my chest tickling me once in awhile