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Ablaze: Band Brothers [Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition] is available for free from Amazon with Audible trial.

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“Dylan Band swore to himself he would never put himself in a position again to fall in love, he had rules he lived by that kept women at a safe and unattached distance. That was until he meets Angel McCready. When his landlord asks him for a favor to be a tour guide for Angel, who is getting over a horrible betrayal from her ex-fiancee he reluctantly agrees. Angel is unlike any woman he ever met. Like a burst of sunlight, she radiates with joy and causes Dylan to reconsider his stance on relationships. Wonderful read.”— Kindle Customer, Amazon

My answer is yes! :)

 Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.39.59 PMTo all of you who’s been asking about when the Blue-eyed Four series book three is coming out, my answer is soon. I just heard from my wonderful editor about the release dates for Inked Promise: Blue-eyed Four series book three. Here are the release dates.
Preorder: 26th January 2016
Early Download: 9th February 2016
General Release: 8th March 2016

As soon as I received the cover, I will definitely share it with you. Again, thank you for your wonderful support. I am here because of you. 


Tierney O’Malley

The Best of June: Blue-eyed Four Series Book Two

Preorder date: 3rd April 2015
Early Download date: 17th April 2015
General Release: 15th May 2015

THE BEST OF JUNE: Blue-eyed Four Series Book Two

Only one woman can change the course of his life.

Blue-eyed Four : Passionate Bid

The first book of Blue-eyed Four, Passionate Bid, is available for pre-order from Totally Bound. Early Download – 4 Jul 2014 and General Release – 1 Aug 2014

blue-eyedfour_iconBlue-Eyed Four
By Tierney O’Malley

All of them over six feet tall, drool-worthy and blue-eyed, Julian Ravenwood, Nolan Keats, Trey Sandalwood and Henry Colchester meet during a bar brawl. The Blue-Eyed Four series tells the story of how they each find their match ending their wicked bachelor ways. Love, as they all learn, can make even the strongest man weak in their knees.
Their stories are about finding love in the most unexpected ways with the most unexpected women. Woven with unforgettable, beautiful but flawed characters, the Blue-Eyed Four is a heart-warming and delicious romantic series.

Seductive Knight: Best seller

Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 12.12.39 PMHi everyonel

I am so happy to announce that another one of my books has made it to eXtasy’s best selling list. Thank you so much for everything. Your support means so much to me.


Irresistible rapture…
Alexandria Clayton travelled back to the United States hoping to solve the mystery surrounding the man her mother had killed. What she did not expect was to find herself living with the man she asked for marriage when she was just a girl—Gawain Knight.

Within a span of few days, she gave him her trust, body, and heart. In the arms of Gawain, she feels rapturous desire she cannot resist and nights of erotic pleasures. Though she knows she’ll have to go back to the Philippines once she has fulfilled her promise to her mother to find answers about the past, she risks giving Gawain her heart.

Passion rekindled…

Gawain Knight has been trying to follow his brothers’ footsteps in finding the right woman. But he didn’t have to look far. The young girl who asked him to marry her has come back to stay with him. Alex turned out to be a bewitching woman he can’t stop kissing. Since she stepped foot in his house, he can only think about her. Alex is the one for him. But there is one problem—she’s not staying for good. Can his love be enough to make her stay?

Tierney O’Malley