INFOGRAPHIC: Eating Disorders and the Media

In my book Wicked Proposal, Madeline was not a skinny model type heroine. She’s round and her ex broke up with her because of that.

Here’s a snippet:

Wolf’s brows creased. “What’s YFF?” 

“You’re freaking fat. I was dumped because I’m getting wider, changing widthwise and boring.” Edward’s harsh words brought another round of painful pricks in her chest. She closed her eyes, willing herself not to cry again. She hated being such a ninny, for letting Edwards comment affect her. Why didn’t she see his superficiality and shallowness before? Anger, irritation, and frustration rose from deep inside her gut. 

Now, what’s my point for sharing this infographic and telling you about my book? My answer is, a heroine shouldn’t be reed thin all the time. I always write my characters with flaws. They’re supposed to be that way. Someone criticized her having low esteem. Guess what? Because the media bombarded us with the idea of what a woman should look like, more and more women became dissatisfied with their image, which leads to depression, low self-esteem and other illness.. Anyway, check out the infographic.


INFOGRAPHIC: Eating Disorders and the Media

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Women Are Dying to be Thin - Media Influence on Eating Disorders
Infographic provided by Rader Programs

Thank you to the Teen Zone Writing Club of Colorado

Thank you to the Teen Zone Writing Club of Colorado!

The kids from Teen Zone Writing Club under Ms Christina Nill of After School Care Programs
found the helpful resources for writers on my website. In return, they wanted to share “How to Search & Determine Credible Sources on the Internet” or

Thank you everyone! I’ve added the website on my Cool Links page.

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FieryMatch When two hearts connect, it doesn’t matter what planet they came.
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The softhearted beauty that captured an alien…

Nikka was fooled by a man once. She wouldn’t let another fool her again. When a gorgeous man asked her out on their first meeting, she told him to go away. She couldn’t trust the green-eyed handsome and put her heart at risk again. Worse, he declared that he was an alien. And yet, when he touched her, she failed to fight the passions that broke the steel she wrapped around her heart.

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The fate of a young woman

Joanie finds herself facing an altered life after her one night with Julian. She’s left alone with a little bug who means the world to her.

The spirit of an abandoned wife

An opportunity to solve Joanie’s problems comes when Julian shows up to serve her. She agrees to sign the divorce papers on one condition–he pay her one hundred thousand dollars.

The unexpected love

Julian can’t believe it. His scrawny bride has grown into a seductive, attractive, and feisty woman he can’t stop lusting after. And the secret she has kept rocks his world